Home Alarm System? Is Your Home Secure?

A Home Alarm System – Its Vital

The importance of having a home alarm system has never been greater given the rising rate of home burglaries these days. The good news for home owners is the technology and alarm system options has never been greater; there is a solution for everyone and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Home Alarm System

Crime Statistics Experts have conducted research on crime rates in various cities around the world and have concluded that:

“Despite the recent increase in crime statistics, the prime reason for the decline of crime rates, for crimes like burglary and theft, are because more people are installing a anti-burglar home alarm system in their homes.”

Research carried out lately on crimes, like burglary and robbery, completed with the Security Disseminating and Marketing Magazine, suggests that more than 14% of U.S. homes come with an anti-crook home alarm system placed in their houses.

Another crime survey reports that getting a home alarm system features a direct economic benefit apart from decreasing the crime rate in your geographical area. SDM Magazine has furthermore recognized twelve homeowner insurance companies that offer premium special discounts for establishing security safety systems, although some offer up to 20% discount for establishing anti-crook security systems.

Home Alarm System Crime Statistics You Must Know About

Most home robberies occur throughout your day!

  • Burglary throughout your day: 59%
  • Burglary during the night: 41%
  • The typical burglary rate in U.S.A?
  • 13 Seconds

(i.e. One household is burgled every 13 seconds within the U.S.A.)

Most home break-ins are triggered because of:

  • 66% Forceable Entry 26% Illegal Entry 8% Forceable Entry Attempts
  • FBI burglary rates of houses, without licensed electronic home alarm systems
  • One in three with no security alarm one in 250 by having a home alarm system installed

Given these statistics home security should never be looked at as a luxury but as a necessity. The common situation is people get a home alarm system installed after they have been burgled. The fact that burglars strike when you least expect them, your home must both be equipped to face any circumstances.

A Home Alarm System Will Deter A Would Be Burglar

Having a home alarm system installed will deter any burglar and force them to move to the next property, not yours.
If you are at the stage where you want to install a do yourself home alarm system in your home then I recommend installing an alarm security system with a monitoring service otherwise in my experience it is a waste of time. A good brand to consider are the Lynx home alarm system.

Savvy criminals can determine when a home alarm system it is not associated with a burglar monitoring company and are not going to be discouraged. Monitoring your home security alarm hasn’t been simpler but you will find there are a number of things you need to think about before carrying out your long-term monitoring agreement with any alarm company such as home alarm system price and weather to get a diy home alarm system, and my goal is to help you here with useful and accurate information that will help you make an educated home alarm system choice.

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